Descriptions for design choices are within picture captions.
Some of the most popular K-Beauty brands feature "cute" packaging. This inspired me to take a freindly and feminine approach to the overall design.
At Hallyu, I noticed how often customers are drawn to "cute" packaging. Even the ones you'd least expect, like a straight-lipped motorcycle babe who squeeled when she saw a panda-shaped lotion.
The expressions change with each cover.
The excitement of a new beauty trend.
The understanding and acceptance of the skin your in.
The eye-opening truth behind what you read on packaging.
Each cover is made to reflect the Korean flag.
The flag features a Yin-Yang symbol in the middle. On the covers, it's become personified.
The Korean flag also features a black trigram in each corner, hence the placement of titles and store information here.
K-Beauty packaging tends to create a feeling of "pleasant surprise".
So the end paper is an added touch of "aww".
To further create an enjoyable experience, information is presented in simplified, bite-size amounts.
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